Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

Shen Zhen AVOE Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., which is a joint-stock holding corporation with some subsidiary companies/factories as the whole group of enterprise. Now the products have been sold to over 100 countries and regions, and have a great performance and good reputation.

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    Differences Bet...

    What Do P2 and P3 stand for?  What are the differences between P2 and P3 walls? When to choose P2 LED wall and when to choose P3 LED wall? Price of P3 LED video wall for different resolution Conclu...
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    Differences Between P2 and P3 LED Walls
  • company news

    What is the rea...

    With the rapid development of large LED screens, electronic displays are everywhere, whether in outdoor squares. Conference display. Security surveillance or school. Station and shopping center. tr...
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    What is the reason why the LED display cannot be loaded?
  • company news

    AVOE Stadium Pe...

    Stadium Perimeter LED Display Screen The stadium LED display screen shows advertisements by playing videos, other than the traditional way of printing ads. Advertising from AVOE Stadium LED Displa...
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    AVOE Stadium Perimeter LED Display Screen
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